Academy Nicholl Fellowship Reader Comments

Here are a few excerpts of what the six Academy Nicholl Fellowship readers had to say about my screenplay Tin Can Buffaloes, a coming-of-age adventure drama set in Goa, India:

Round 1 – Read 1 Comments:

“Wonderful story and writing! […] A world rarely seen or glimpsed”.
“A satisfying dramatic journey […]. Very well-crafted”.
“Rich, authentic voice”.

Round 1 – Read 2 Comments:

“An original voice”.
The setting “is brought to rich, vivid, and authentic life”.
“Fresh and intriguing ”.
“Truly memorable”.

Round 1 – Read 3 Comments:

“A unique coming of age story”.
“Vivid and powerful images”.
“A well-crafted script”.
“Powerfully written”.
“We truly delve inside [the protagonist’s] emotions, knowing that this is a memory that he will never forget”.

Quarterfinal Round – Read 4 Comments:

“The writing is really good”.
“The final scenes […] are truly sad”.
“A unique and interesting voice”.
“Really takes you to places you never even considered”.
“There’s certainly magic here”.

Quarterfinal Round – Read 5 Comments:

“Crazy pressure cooker of a story with a big operatic ending”.
“A great read with really strong world building and visuals”.
“Defies your expectations”.
“The writer has a voice and a special skill in how characters are dropped into the story and established”.
“The dialogue is exceptionally good throughout”.

Quarterfinal Round – Read 6 Comments:

“Completely original premise”.
“The story, characters and setting feel utterly authentic”.

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