Academy Nicholl Fellowship Reader Comments

Here are a few excerpts of what the six Academy Nicholl Fellowship readers had to say about my screenplay Tin Can Buffaloes, a coming-of-age adventure drama set in Goa, India:

Round 1 – Read 1 Comments:

“Wonderful story and writing! […] A world rarely seen or glimpsed”.
“A satisfying dramatic journey […]. Very well-crafted”.
“Rich, authentic voice”.

Round 1 – Read 2 Comments:

“An original voice”.
The setting “is brought to rich, vivid, and authentic life”.
“Fresh and intriguing ”.
“Truly memorable”.

Round 1 – Read 3 Comments:

“A unique coming of age story”.
“Vivid and powerful images”.
“A well-crafted script”.
“Powerfully written”.
“We truly delve inside [the protagonist’s] emotions, knowing that this is a memory that he will never forget”.

Quarterfinal Round – Read 4 Comments:

“The writing is really good”.
“The final scenes […] are truly sad”.
“A unique and interesting voice”.
“Really takes you to places you never even considered”.
“There’s certainly magic here”.

Quarterfinal Round – Read 5 Comments:

“Crazy pressure cooker of a story with a big operatic ending”.
“A great read with really strong world building and visuals”.
“Defies your expectations”.
“The writer has a voice and a special skill in how characters are dropped into the story and established”.
“The dialogue is exceptionally good throughout”.

Quarterfinal Round – Read 6 Comments:

“Completely original premise”.
“The story, characters and setting feel utterly authentic”.

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Tin Can Buffaloes now an Academy Nicholl Fellowships Quarterfinalist

My feature film script Tin Can Buffaloes, an adventure drama set in Goa, India, is now an Academy Nicholl Fellowships Quarterfinalist.

Tin Can Buffaloes “is one of only 375 entries to escape the First Round. With 7,442 scripts entered, the initial round was extremely competitive. […] Reaching the Quarterfinal Round means Tin Can Buffaloes will be placed on our contact list for distribution to agents, development executives, managers and producers” (Academy Nicholl Fellowships 2015).

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Dilli Dreams screened with Palme D’Or Winner

Dilli Dreams is continually expanding its release in cinemas across France – most recently as accompaniment to this year’s Palme D’Or winner “Winter Sleep”.

A few links to the cinemas’ programs:

Portrait of Carlos Bica & Azul

I will be shooting a small portrait of the exceptional Portuguese bassist Carlos Bica and his band Azul. Carlos and his collaborators Frank Möbus (g) and Jim Black (d) are some of the most accomplished Jazz musicians of their generation. You can hear one of their tracks in my film Dilli Dreams (see below). Make sure to visit their website at and buy their wonderful albums. Stay tuned for more.