Tin Can Buffaloes

Script Reviews

“Had me in tears” (Academy Nicholl Fellowships reader #1 2020).


“A powerful story of predetermined acts due to the sins of fathers. The histories are rich and tragic” (The Blacklist industry reader 28.07.20).


“There’s a real beauty and lyricism to the writing which expertly and lovingly gives a visual canvas to the unique scenes and settings. … This is a script where each scene is so well-thought through, not wasting any moments. …will resonate on a powerful level with audiences. …deserves to be made” (The Blacklist industry reader 23.07.20).


“…strikingly vivid, original and poetic. The story is deeply moving and clear-eyed. …sharply drawn, complex characters. …highly visual and cinematic” (Adademy Nicholl Fellowships reader #2, 2019).

“Intimate, character driven, and emotionally compelling, this original script lets the audience experience an incredibly unique, vibrant new world. …taps into some of our most universally human themes and experiences. With a clear voice and a great artistic vision, this is a strong piece of material” (The Blacklist industry reader 04.09.20).


“Unique, emotional, and completely thought out and complex… a story that will stay with you” (The Blacklist industry reader 27.07.20).


“Bold and original… A truly unique and transportive coming of age story” (The Blacklist industry reader review 11.06.20).


“The characters are multifaceted, and dimensional… Each detail feels significant… A writer with a voice, well worth knowing” (Academy Nicholl Fellowships reader #1 2019).

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